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ISA is an information solutions company, operating across the whole of Africa, providing customized solutions to our clients, in the field of business process optimization and efficiency.

We provide tools for gathering information, managing it, and making sense of it (analysis tools).

ISA was born out of a need by the market research industry to develop and implement a system which would optimize the gathering, management, processing, analysis and reporting of information in an emerging African environment.

Each member of ISA comes with specialized skills, acquired in this environment, with a combined 50 years of experience in the fields of training, software development, data warehousing, system administration, advanced networking and hardware, as well as business processes and the unique challenges business faces in Africa. .



We have a comprehensive understanding of the African environment & culture .



We'll guarantee the highest level of expertise in each field of ISA's service offerings.



Design and provide solutions driven by our customers' unique needs.